In May of 2017, I had the wonderful privilege and opportunity to be the Photographer at the Springfield Doula Foundation's Annual Baby Gala! 

I remember being a very young mother, who attended baby yoga with my young little boy, and loved the Doula Foundation. I also remember going to the annual Baby Gala's back then, and getting our photo's taken! What a fun experience. I never would have imagined back then, that one day I would be the one taking the families photo's a few years later! 

I was super excited to do this community service project. I'm excited for these families who have received a free photo (or two) taken of themselves with their precious children. My passion for photography lies in catching those sweet moments of this life, that we don't want to forget once that moment is gone and passed. 

Thank you to the Doula Foundation for allowing me to have this opportunity to serve our community!

Baby Gala Event


The Doula Foundation