HELP!  What do I wear for the Photo Session?

Well, worry no longer. We have found some great Youtube video's made to show people some tips about how to dress for an upcoming photo shoot! If you're needing some help, click the link below to get some inspiration for outfit ideas!

Photography Session Info.

Things that we encourage our clients to do: 

  • Bring along any props, & multiple changes of clothes for outfit changes to your session, if desired.

  • Order professional prints through me, because we work directly with a professional photo lab. However, if you choose to order prints for yourself, we encourage you to at least order them from a professional printing company (instead of popular chain stores) because the printing quality makes a big difference in the photos. Please feel free to ask us for suggested printing companies, if you're wanting to print your own photos.  

  • Research flattering colors and clothing (such as coordinating colors and which go well with one another) before their photo shoot. Click the button below for additional information all about what to wear for a photography session!


  •  Let us know any specific poses or photo ideas that you have in mind, that you would prefer to use in your photo shoot.

  • Try to have your little ones nap if they usually get one, before the session, if you think that will help them. Photo sessions are a bit more rough on tired little ones.

  • Be sure that everyone who will take part in the photo session, eats before coming to the photo session, and before changing into the photo session outfit(s). 

Some photo session location options that we've used before include: 

-Nathaneal Greene Park

-Close Memorial Park

-Sequiota Park

-Bass Pro

-Lost Hills Park

-Ritter Springs Park

-Phelps Grove Park

-Springfield Lake

-Doling Park

-My home (for indoor studio portrait shots, and I've done a few Newborn shoots at my home)

-Clients homes (Shooting at the clients home is a great option. An area with great natural lighting, usually a south facing window during the day, is a must. Additional good lighting in the house is a bonus. If anyone has a cat/cats, please let me know! I'm allergic. I can take some medication beforehand).

-Other. There are MANY other beautiful area's here in the Ozarks. If you have a specific idea for a location, please do let me know. 

3. I give clients edited digital images with a print release. A disc with the edited photos on it, as well as Prints and Print Collections are also available, at an additional cost. Please let me know if you are interested in purchasing a disc. or prints, so we can get those ordered for you after your photo shoot. Here is a link to our information about Photo Prints Collections: 

4. The professional editing process may take anywhere between approximately 1 week and 4 weeks. Please allow me that time to post-process & edit the photographs. Additionally, if you have ordered prints from us, it will take an additional amount of time for the printing company to print and return those. If you are wanting prints or a disc mailed to you, please consider extra time involved for that as well. 

5. Clients must be willing to sign a some Photography Release's for each person being photographed, to enable us to use any photographs taken, in our portfolio and to use to promote our photography business in any way. 

6. We take cash, local checks, and credit cards for payment. To book a session, the client must pay a $20 deposit - by using cash, or paying through via invoice with Square (using a credit card), which serves as a retainer, to hold their spot. The $20 goes toward the total of the photo session they book. Also, we accept payments in full for the photo sessions the day of the photo shoot, unless otherwise noted or discussed and agreed upon.

7. We are creative, passionate, and flexible. Photography is our passion and we are willing to work with our clients to achieve the vision that both they, as well as we, are seeing. Please let us know if you have any ideas other than what we've provided here, and if you have any questions, comments, concerns, etc...​