About Printing the Photo's, and What's this 'Print Release'? ​

When a client of ours comes to us for a photo session, they will receive a print release, if they get their prints on a disc. or digitally. 

A print release will cover nearly any imaginable client need, and allows the photographer – me – to preserve my art work (each photograph!) as it was intended. Protecting the integrity of my work through my photography, and creative process is very important to me, and photographers in general. A print release allows the client - you - to print the images for personal use (such as display in your home, scrapbooking, etc...) and even share online in places such as Facebook and personal blogs.


Print your photos as many times as you like (though I cannot guarantee results if you use a consumer photo lab). As long as the printed images are for your own use,  no problem! 

What a print release does not allow: 

  • editing the image in any way, 
  • selling the image, 
  • using the image without permission from the 
  • photographer in marketing/

         contests/ commercial work, etc. 

Our clients hire us for the style/art of our images and

photographs, so it is important that they are not further 

altered in any way once they receive their photos.


A print release gives the client exactly what they need

and want – the ability to enjoy their finished portraits for

a lifetime!

If you need, or would like to order the prints through us

please let us know during, or directly following your

photo session. 

Here is a link that has lots of information about our

Photo Prints Collections: 

 Print Release's & Printing Your Photo's