The inspiration for the 'Beneath the Surface' Mental Health and Photography Project came to me, when I was desperate in my own struggles, and as I witnessed first hand the struggles of some of my dear loved ones. Mental Health issues are unfortunately such a taboo subject, and it needn't be that way. I believe everyone should feel comfortable and be comfortable enough to talk to others about how they are feeling. 

A common way of greeting others is this typical conversation: 

Person 1: "Hello! How are you doing today?"

Person 2: "Ohh, good. How are you?"

Person 3: I'm doing great! Thanks!

It would be almost rude to answer otherwise, if you're really not doing good, right?

Wrong! Yet, so many people are so uncomfortable admitting the struggles they are going through. So, it just gets a little aw.kward when we hear that someone isn't doing, or feeling well. It's easy to put a smile on our faces, and pretend like we are doing just fine. Like we don't have struggles. Like we are just like anyone/everyone else.

But why? Why should we continue to do that? It's not fair to ourselves. It's not fair that anyone has to suppress their feelings, or hide their struggles from others. Think of how much more we could help one another, if we know that someone else is struggling, and in need of help -- or even just a hug? Think of how much more we could learn how to handle the now currently awkward type of situation of hearing or learning when someone is not doing well - mentally. Think of how we can learn ways to respond, and help others who are in need of help. 

That, (among many other reasons) is why I began this project. It is very near and dear to my heart. I believe we can support those who struggle with mental health issues. I believe we can work to end the stigma that is currently associated with mental health issues. I believe we can work to decrease the amount of discrimination that those who struggle with mental health issues face each day.  

This project was started in October of 2017, after a Suicide Awareness/Prevention day passed, and right before World Mental Health Day on Oct. 10th. 

My project will be as ongoing as Mental Health is. 

If you are interested in participating in the Photography project, please contact me and let me know! I'd be honored to take your pictures and have you participate in this project, and help me out. 

Beneath the Surface 

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Mental Health and Photography Project