​I had the amazing opportunity and honor to be able to be a volunteer photographer at the 2016 Ruck N Run! It was truly amazing. I was humbled to be there to not only capture others honoring Veteran's, but to be honoring them myself! 

At the Ruck N Run, amongst the other volunteers, participants, and friends/family, was also a team of volunteer professional Photographers, including myself. We were the 'Sharp Shooters'. We all had a blast there, and captured so many wonderful and memorable moments throughout the race, as well as before and after.

All of the people who participated in the race were extremely inspiring! They all rocked it, and did an amazing job.

Here is my collection of photograph's taken at the Ruck N Run race, specifically focused on the Station 2 (jumping jacks), and Station 4 (squats) area of the race.

**A note for People who participated in the Ruck N Run**

 THANK YOUfor doing the race, and not only honoring, but inspiring as well. Just for participating in the Ruck N Run, I am offering a special discount just for you. Book a session with me, mentioning that you participated in the Ruck N Run race, and you will get 30% off of your session price.

Message, email, text, or call me today! Allow me to capture more special memories for you!


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Ruck N Run Race 2016