Labor and Birth Session 

-Up to 4 hours for this session

- Any additional time over 2 hours

would be $50/hour.

-Includes 25+ edited digital photos with 

a print release

Fresh 48 Session
Capture some precious memories within the first 48 hours of your newborn babies life. Document your baby's sweet freshness with the beautiful investment of photo's that will be cherished for a lifetime, and beyond. 
-Up to 2 hours for this session. Session may also be scheduled in 2-one hour photo sessions (consecutive days),
- Any additional time over 2 hours
would be $50/hour.
-Includes 25+ edited digital photos with 
a print release

Newborn Session
Capture precious memories of your newborn baby, to have photos to love and cherish for a lifetime and beyond. Newborn photo's are always suggested to be taken between the time of birth, and around 1 month of age. However, they have, and CAN be done after one month of age, as well. 

-Up to 2 hours for this session. 
- Any additional time over 2 hours
would be $50/hour.
-Includes 25+ edited digital photos with 
a print release

"Grow with Me" (The First Year) Session
This set of photo sessions would be perfect for those wanting to closely capture and document their child's entire first year of life.

- 4 total photo sessions with this session package 

(3 month, 6 month, 9 month, and 12 month)

- Included (with each of the 4 sessions) will be: 

5+ edited digital images

& a print release.

- There is an option to pay $75 at each session. 

If you pay $250 in full the FIRST session (must be the first session!), you automatically get $50 off of this session package price (making your total only $250.)




​​                   ​​​​






​​                   ​​​​

Specialty Photo Sessions

School Photos

Have a daycare, homeschool co-op or group, or a preschool group or class that needs school pictures? Are you a parent (homeschool or not) who would like unique, and special school photos taken of your child(ren)? This is the session for you. We can do individual pictures as needed per the parents permission, and/or whole group photos as well. With this photography session comes options. Not only is there the option of class group photo, individual photos (or both), but there are options for ordering.*  Photos will be given digitally, with a print release. Print Packages & Discs (for each family), are also available for purchase. If you're interested in print packages or having a disc., please make sure to ask for details upon booking your session. 

Prints and Packages for School Photos: 

--Individual Photo's-- 
(per child)
(2-3 pictures/poses) 

(This is a session fee for each child getting 'School Photos')


--Whole Group Photo Print--

(Printed 5x7)


Package Options: 

Parents must choose and pay for Print/Disc option(s) on, or before School Photo Day

         Option 1 - Disk or Digital Package: 

- Included: Either a Disc. OR Digital Photos delivered to you electronically. 

                    (NO prints) w/ print release.         ............$40.00

        Option 2 - Print's Package: 

-Included: Prints (Only prints. NO disc. or digital photos)

1 - 8x10
   2 - 5x7's   
          4 Wallets        

                                                                    ............$ 35.00

Option 3 - Get It All Package:


-Get a 5x7 printed group photo ($10 value)
-Get a disc. or digital prints (with a print release) ($40 value), and
-Get the Individual Prints package (1-8x10, 2-5x7's, and 4 Wallets) ($35 value)
(this package saves $15.00!!)

                                                                            ..........$ 70.00


Engagement Session
Let your love shine through with the Engagement Session! We'll be sure to capture some special moments you will be able to remember for all your life! Preparing to say "I do!" is so very precious and special, and I want to capture the love and connection you have for each other as you prepare to marry!​

​- 1 to 2 hour session

-Includes 20+ edited digital photos with

​a print release

Wedding Ceremony/Reception Session
- Up to 4 hours for this session
- Any additional time after the 4 hours would be an extra $50/hour.
- Included is 30+ edited digital photos, with a 
print release.

- Print package options are available at a special add-on price, starting at $100. Ask me if you're interested, for details. 
- A second photographer may be present.




 Existing Establishment Session 

(Real Estate, Residential/Home, 

Commercial, Interior, etc...)

Whether you are selling your home, wanting detailed photo's of your home or your business establishment, or wanting photo's to use for advertisement purposes... this is the photo session for you! 
-Up to 1 hour for this session. 

-Includes 15+ edited digital photos with 
a print/social media release